Escape from New York : February 2015

February is here marking the beginning of our scheduled exhibitions of 2015 . For the second consecutive year hosts the works of photographer Dimitris Manousakis, who lives and works in New York. The opening will take place on Thursday , February 12th at 8.00 p.m. . In this exhibition the artist presents photographs in large dimensions focused on the chaotic scale of the metropolis and the imposing nature of the urban landscape.

The buildings invading the sky, the endless trajectories of public transport and the journey of light  passing through elongated streets consist the framework within which the people of the city move, live and dream . Their portraits are a collection of contrasting personalities who each plan their own escape – with the film absorbing music, dress codes, the smoke from a cigarette on the sidewalk, a simple smile in front of the lens of the photographer.

All images that escaped from New York will always be stored in 20 negatives, creating a reference point for the viewer – a measurement unit and a mapping tool of the personal emergency exits that we all seek.

As the artist remarks:

“The small stories were captured in my negatives due to a wrong turn or a random encounter on the street. In the frantic pace of New York, randomness is the fuel of discovering the real soul of the city, the same soul that escapes only to be trapped by my lens. It is found in the shadow of buildings, beneath the facades of offices, among costume parties , inside the trains and in roads that do not allow right turns. New York can be measured as population, as an area, as properties .. and is usually measured by roads and bridges. I started to measure it in moments. ”

The exhibition lasts until the end of the month.

Saturday, December 6th 2014: our Christmas market




on Saturday December 6th 2014 , from 11 a.m. and for the whole day, we are organizing our Christmas Market for the 4th consecutive year . The event will feature art object such as paintings , antiques , collectibles and many more. Part of the earnings will be donated to the  Chalandri Association of the Friends of Animals .A significant part of the exhibition is also pet themed !